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Thursday, September 2, 2010

What to Wear - Fall Family Session

Many clients want to know, "What should we wear?"  Deciding on clothing for a photo session can be very stressful for some and great fun for others.  For years I have seen photo after photo of families all wearing the same color top with khaki pants or jeans, and while there is nothing wrong with this uniform cohesive style, I believe there is so much more personality brought to the images with a little bit of styling help and variety.

When working with families I like each person to be unique, dressed true to themselves, but in such a way that they are complimentary to one another when brought together as the whole.  Here is an example I put together of a family of four - notice the color palette is built around gray and a soft plum. 


Lisa Smiley said...

suppper cute! love it. are you wearing this to your session with me next week? :) where is the ruffle sweater from..hmm, might have to go find it!

MomBrose said...

Love it!! I always struggle with the "what to wear". With three girls, I always gravitate toward dressing them alike, but I'm sure they won't always let me do that :D

Devon and Josh said...

Mindy - you are adorable! I want to wear it all! ...and since your family of four looks a lot like mine (big sis, little brother) I will take it all! Speaking of which, are you booking up in October?

Jaimie said...

Love it!! How in the world did you do that?! That is awesome!