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Monday, February 28, 2011

Teaching Hands │ I Heart Faces│ Sacramento Photographer

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is "Anything But A Face".  How ingrained we become to look and seek for images with faces in them, highlighting the eyes, the smile, the emotion found in the face, but how much we miss when we don't take into consideration all the other parts that make up who we are.  

True beauty is often found when we look beyond the perfect portrait, when we see the simple truths taught from generation to generation.   Simple truths like where orange juice comes from.  Simple, beautiful truths like how great it feels to work together.

This is my entry this week - a shot from today of my father teaching my daughter how to juice one of the oranges from his tree.  Go see the other fantastic entries at I Heart Faces.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspired By Memories│Sacramento Lifestyle Photographer

The last four weeks I have enjoyed participating in a fantastic workshop by the amazing Brooke Snow.  For our last assignment we were to plan a shoot around something that inspires us that is not photography related and that we haven't seen as an idea by anyone else.  I'll admit this assignment was difficult for me at first, what inspires me?  My children?  Of course!  My husband?  Without a doubt!  Yet these three do not always make the best subjects for me and I wanted to stretch my creative juices a bit more than that.  

Brooke mentioned during the workshop about wanting to recreate some of her childhood memories and while out for a run one day I was busy brainstorming for this weeks assignment when I was flooded with all these visuals of one of my birthday parties where my mother filled a couple of suitcases with some of her dress-up clothes and we had a relay race trying to see which team could get dressed up the fastest.  I don't remember all of the particulars of the game but it was a fun-filled memory and I immediately loved that it would allow me the opportunity to utilize a couple of old suitcases I've been dying to work into a session! 

I can't say for sure this idea is completely original, I'm sure there are other photographer's that have probably done something similar, but I haven't seen them yet so I created my own "party" atmosphere and had a blast with the girls who came and the one little boy who crashed the dress-up party!

I couldn't get enough of this cutie!


No surprise here - the cupcakes were a huge hit!

Thank you to the girls that joined our party - I hope you had as much fun as I did!