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As a mama to two young children, my family comes first and as such, I am only scheduling a limited number of sessions each month so please book early to make sure you get on my calendar! If you have any questions or would like to book a session please email me at info@mindynewtonphotography.com or give me a call 209-304-7025.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

39/52 - Project 52 {Tantrum Twos}│Sacramento Children's Photographer

I won't call them the "Terrible Twos" because really there are so many amazing, sweet and adoring qualities in my two year old daughter, but I think I have decided in the last few weeks that these are definitely the "Tantrum Twos":

The problem?   Mommy insisting she wear her helmet while riding her bike.  Oh dear - what a terrible a mother I am!

What to Wear - Fall Family Session #3│Sacramento Family Photographer

Despite this ridiculously hot late September weather, Fall truly is around the corner and family photo sessions are in full swing preparing for those much loved Christmas cards.  Here is a What to Wear set perfect for the warm weather:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

38/52 - Project 52 {Missing Piece}│Sacramento Family Photographer

Our son has been at Grandma & Grandpa's the last couple of days and although we've been having fun with our daughter getting all of the attention, my husband remarked at the park this morning that while it's nice, "we're not complete" and I couldn't agree more.  We're missing THIS piece of our family this weekend...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What to Wear - Fall Family Session #2│Sacramento Family Photographer

Still stumped on putting together that perfect ensemble for your family's pictures this Fall?  Take a look at this example using vibrant colors and patterns to pull it all together.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Custom School Portrait Mini-Sessions│Sacramento Portrait Photographer

As my son is getting ready for his first "picture day" for preschool I thought it would be great to offer some fun, low stress custom portrait mini-sessions for those who want an alternative to the traditional school pictures.  These mini-sessions are scheduled to be held in Old Sacramento and will be loads of fun!  Contact me at info@mindynewtonphotography.com if you are interested in booking a session or have any questions. 

**Don't forget about the 2010 Fall Mini-Sessions - there are still a couple of slots available and it's an incredible value!  Of course if you would prefer a more detailed session I am still booking full sessions through November 2010.  Contact me if you are interested.**

Saturday, September 18, 2010

37/52 - Project Photography {Semi-cooperative Siblings}│Sacramento Family Photographer

It's rare to have one, let alone both of my children look AND smile at the camera, so I had to post this to remember this moment of cooperation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

36/52 - Project 52 {Yee-Haw!}│Sacramento Family Photographer

A friend recently gave us some hand-me-down dress-up clothes and books and my son had a blast pretending to be a cowboy!  He's not usually very cooperative when mama's camera is out, but I caught this one and just love it!

35/52 Project 52 - {Mama's Day}│Sacramento Family Photographer

I recently participated in a creativity exercise from my Clickin' Moms forum and the challenge was to have the photographer in the frame, giving the viewer the opportunity to feel as if they had stepped into your shoes for a moment. 

I was sick a couple of weeks ago (when this week 35 post should have been posted) and my husband did as he always does in taking great care of me and he picked up the slack including doing sink after sink full of dirty dishes.  The day of this exercise I finally was feeling well enough to start helping out with the dishes again and decided to capture a moment in the life of a mom:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Growing and Giving│Sacramento Family Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the family of my friend Heidi and had a blast seeing how much her three children have grown this past year.  You see Heidi and her husband Josiah have felt the call to travel with their family and have spent the last year in Pennsylvania.  All of their California friends have missed them so I'm glad I had the chance to spend some time with them before they leave again.  It's hard to believe in just four short weeks they will be heading off and moving to India!  

Please enjoy meeting the wonderful and giving W family!

Little Mr. M is just a doll!  I love his curly hair and all-boy personality.  We had fun talking super heroes.

Heidi and her girls

Little Miss E just turned 1 - she was just a newborn the last time I saw her and look at how much she's grown!

I had fun playing with the processing of this image of the incredibly kind-hearted Miss A.  As the oldest of 3 I think she is a great example of what a big sister should be.

We'll miss you guys!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Peacefully Perfect G │ Sacramento Newborn Photographer

I know all newborns are precious and perfect, innocent and sweet, but I'm not so sure all newborns are as peaceful as little Miss G!  This lovely girl slept sweetly, ate heartily and even gave us some perfect smiles.  You may recognize Miss G's mama, daddy and brother from their recent maternity session - I am so thankful to know this family and be able to capture these memories for them!  

* Update - I just realized I never blogged their maternity session (gasp!), it's only on Facebook.  Guess what post you'll be seeing next?*

I ADORE this next image...those lips...ahh perfection!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What to Wear - Fall Family Session

Many clients want to know, "What should we wear?"  Deciding on clothing for a photo session can be very stressful for some and great fun for others.  For years I have seen photo after photo of families all wearing the same color top with khaki pants or jeans, and while there is nothing wrong with this uniform cohesive style, I believe there is so much more personality brought to the images with a little bit of styling help and variety.

When working with families I like each person to be unique, dressed true to themselves, but in such a way that they are complimentary to one another when brought together as the whole.  Here is an example I put together of a family of four - notice the color palette is built around gray and a soft plum.