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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Way I View...Motherhood│Sacramento Family Photographer

The Way I View...Motherhood

This hand laid gently on her belly caressing the wonderment of life within.

One of these fingers softly brushed hair from my forehead as I slept dreaming of this beautiful world.

Sturdy and assuring, I held onto these fingers as I took my first steps. 

Refreshingly cool, this hand helped heal my fevers and calm my fears as it held me tight after a scary dream.

It's warmth comforted me with a cup of hot cocoa after a cold and long ski run or hot chowder on a rainy day.

It packed sweet little notes in my lunchpail and left encouraging notes in my desk after school open house.

It scrubbed grass stains from my jerseys and weathered many days and nights of clapping through games and recitals.

It turned off the light when I fell asleep reading in bed and wiped my tears when my heart felt slightly broken.

It disciplined me when my mouth and attitude got out of line and hugged me when I made good choices we could both be proud of.

These fingers taught me to type and do my best in all I do.

This ring taught me commitment and that the best things are worth all of the hard work.

This hand drove hundreds (thousands) of miles providing me opportunities for adventure and hope for my future.

It helped me pack and unpack as I began living on my own and helped me navigate the stresses of college, work and friendships via heartfelt emails.

It zipped up my wedding dress and made sure my veil was straight.

Strong and ever ready, it helped us move into our first home.

Loving and gentle, it helped me grieve the loss of our first child.

Eager to keep busy it sewed pillows for our living room, drapes for our kitchen and helped in making numerous other projects.

It cupped over her mouth in excitement when we told her she would become a grandma.  Then endured the LONG delivery of her first grandchild and hasn't stopped trying to care and love on her grandbabies as much as possible ever since!

This hand has changed countless diapers, wiped up pukie messes and gently rubbed weary backs while rocking and singing her songs.

It has worked in classrooms, driven for field trips and done anything else that has ever been needed or asked of it without complaint.

After 70 years on this earth, this hand has done so much for others, expected little in return and continues to keep giving and doing as much as possible.

Yet what I love most about this hand is the indescribable comfort, strength, encouragement and love I receive from just one touch of it.  I love that even as an adult I love just holding onto it while walking through the mall or sitting on the couch watching a movie or talking.  I appreciate that it is always there when I need it and even when I don't, it's there cheering me on.  This hand and the love that it is filled with is motherhood.  I am so blessed to have this image of my mother's hand over mine and the feelings of love and comfort that I feel when I'm with her and will always feel when I see this image.
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