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Monday, January 31, 2011

I Heart Faces │ Best Face Photo from January

This image definitely portrays just one of the MANY expressive and hilarious faces my little Miss Em makes each day!  With lots of sad and discouraging news we've received this month about friends and their children, I count myself so blessed to wake up each morning able to revel in all this girl and her brother are and will be and just covering this sweet face with kisses!!!

Joey + Sarah = True Bliss! │Sacramento Couples Photographer & Sacramento Maternity Photographer

Oh the fun that can be had when you have a story to tell!  That's what I believe the true essence of photography is anyway, the ability and opportunity to tell a person(s) unique and wonderful story and I feel privileged as a photographer when people trust their story to little 'ole me.

Meet Joey + Sarah, an absolutely adorable, fun-loving and giving couple who enjoy life to it's fullest don't mind if that includes a little bit of goofiness!  When Joey proposed to Sarah it was in the form of an elaborate and thoughtful scavenger hunt.  She was driven around in a limousine to various locations where the merchants were to give her the clues Joey had prepared.  If memory serves me right, the hunt concluded when she was at the State capitol at dusk and the chauffeur directed her to a spot in the garden and then told her to turn around....and there he was on one knee with a beautiful ring and an even more precious promise of the future they would have together.  Swoon.

One of the stops on the hunt was Rick's Dessert Diner.  This was our first stop at our session last Sunday and I had not anticipated what a hot spot it would be on a Sunday afternoon!  Person after person kept coming in and the line nearly went out the door, but Joey found us a corner table and we enjoyed capturing some moments between them as they shared a milkshake and then some coffee before heading back outside for a few minutes with their babies (aka Bubba the Blind and little Tyson).

Next we headed to a nearby church that Joey + Sarah love.

They are due with their first baby, a little girl, in a couple of months and enjoyed this opportunity to meditate on their many blessings.


It was so much fun being able to share these moments with them.

Despite going to separate schools and not meeting until their mid-twenties, it was in this old auditorium where they both graduated from their respective high schools.  It just happens to be across the street from one of their favorite restaurants, P.F. Changs.

This last image they're reacting when I exclaimed I may have been the target of an unclean bird above...oh the lengths we photographers go to tell the story! 

Thank you Joey + Sarah for a fantastic time and journey through some of the special places in your lives.

One hot mama-to-be!

I think these next couple of images are some of my all-time favorites with their classic beauty and simplicity.  

And like all good stories...They Lived Happily Ever After!  THE END.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Heart Faces│Innocent Wonder

This week's theme is "Innocent Wonder" and I love Miss Em's expression as she hears her first song from an Ipod.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

They Cooperated (kind of)! │ Sacramento Children's Photographer

I love having options and as a natural light photographer I've realized that poor weather can really hamper photo taking opportunities so I was excited to recently purchase a backdrop and stands for those sessions that require an indoor setup.  I had been wanting to put together a Valentine's Day session in preparation for my Valentine's Mini-Session and was excited when a friend brought her kiddos over and we planned the perfect outfits for everyone.  

Of course my two children were not too cooperative in wearing what I had planned and none of the children (save for the precious and very cooperative sleeping infant) wanted anything to do with having their pictures taken.  Amazingly, once the candy came out I had a couple of very cooperative kiddos and I was able to work with the outfits we could get on them and take some adorable shots!

Happy Valentine's early to everyone!



Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Mini-Session

Here are just a few card options I have available (available in 4x6, 5x7, 5x5 and wallets):


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet Kris + Belle│Sacramento HS Senior Photographer

I had the greatest time on my first official "senior" session.  Kris, an honors student and rugby player, has applied to a number of prestigious colleges and hopes of double-majoring in mathematics and mechanical engineering.  Brainiac right?  You bet, but he couldn't have been more down to earth or fun to hang with and then I had a chance to meet his beautiful girlfriend Belle. 

I kept calling these two the all-star couple and hope there are more teenagers out there as kind and mature as these two.  I truly enjoyed being around them and was thankful for their willingness to do whatever I asked them to and the playfulness they brought to our session.  I hope you both enjoy your sneak peak - I have tons more to show you!

An adorable and lovely couple

Thank you Kris + Belle for trusting me with these special moments in your lives!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Heart Faces│Smile

I have had the opportunity to capture so many amazing and adorable smiles this year with my clients, so when I Heart Faces' challenge this week was themed "Smile" I knew I could spend hours scouring my past images or I could find one that just made my heart smile when I looked at it and this image below does exactly that:

To make your heart smile go enjoy all the lovely smiles you'll find on I Heart Faces this week!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 In Review│Sacramento Family Photographer

Happy New Year to all of my clients, friends and family!  I thought I'd put together a little recap of 2010 and wanted to thank you all once more for supporting Mindy Newton Photography!