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Saturday, January 22, 2011

They Cooperated (kind of)! │ Sacramento Children's Photographer

I love having options and as a natural light photographer I've realized that poor weather can really hamper photo taking opportunities so I was excited to recently purchase a backdrop and stands for those sessions that require an indoor setup.  I had been wanting to put together a Valentine's Day session in preparation for my Valentine's Mini-Session and was excited when a friend brought her kiddos over and we planned the perfect outfits for everyone.  

Of course my two children were not too cooperative in wearing what I had planned and none of the children (save for the precious and very cooperative sleeping infant) wanted anything to do with having their pictures taken.  Amazingly, once the candy came out I had a couple of very cooperative kiddos and I was able to work with the outfits we could get on them and take some adorable shots!

Happy Valentine's early to everyone!




Beryl said...

These turned out great! I love your backdrop and how festive everything is. The lollipops are totally the perfect prop to go with the Valentine's theme. I must say I think the sleeping infant shot is my absolute fav! So peaceful.

Kelly said...

Very cute Mindy!
I love all of the fun props! I know what you mean about limited indoor options and uncooperative children. I've actually had to resort to paying my first grader when I use him as a model... :) It's hard for me to pick my favorite. i love them all!

Lynn Demaray Photography said...

Love the colors!! Kids are the hardest but these turned out nice!!

The Spackmans said...

How fun! I love the props that you used. That bubble gum machine=total awesomeness! The lollipops were also so perfect! I Love the pics! Great job getting some great shots despite the kids not wanting to model!