Hi there! I'm Mindy and I'm so glad you decided to stop by today! As a natural light photographer I consider myself incredibly blessed to be able to use my love of photography to capture moments in time for my fantastic clients.

As a mama to two young children, my family comes first and as such, I am only scheduling a limited number of sessions each month so please book early to make sure you get on my calendar! If you have any questions or would like to book a session please email me at info@mindynewtonphotography.com or give me a call 209-304-7025.

About Mindy

I am a combination of contradictions.  I love the outdoors, fresh air and a cool breeze, yet adore cozying it up inside with a good book or movie and a brownie sundae.  I am a trained accountant and tax auditor, but have found my true self in creating art with my camera lens and through writing.

I love being "mommy" to my two amazing children, their pure joy that bubbles out in giggles fills my heart near bursting.  I am a wife to my high school sweetheart.  He knows me, loves me and makes me smile when he does the dishes.

My favorite ice cream alternates between Mint Chip and Chocolate Moose Tracks.  I am passionate about dogs and used to volunteer at the local animal shelter.  

I received my first camera Christmas of my 6th grade year and have been capturing my life and the lovely people in it ever since.  Yes, I am that person who ALWAYS has her camera and insists upon taking at least one picture to record the moment.

My greatest joy in photography is seeing a perfectly captured moment of raw emotion from behind my lens and the impact it can have on the people involved.  I love beauty.  I love photography.  I love serving others and bringing happiness into their lives.  I hope I'll be able to capture you and your family and bring YOU joy as well!
 - Mindy