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Friday, May 28, 2010

Project 52 - 21/52 {Multi-Purpose Deal}

I recently found a pack of Bible related flashcards on clearance at Ross for $1.49.  Always a deal seeker, I grabbed them up thinking they may come in handy with my preschooler.  I was right.  Since discovering them still in the bag, my son has enjoyed them to no end!  He asks me to read them to him, to tell him stories about them, he counts them, uses them for sheet music when playing the piano and now...he is building with them.  I came into the dining room to see his creation and was impressed with his cleverness to use the piano keys to keep the cards in place, and saddened a bit too as I realized he is growing up faster than I'm ready for.

I'm submitting these as my photos for Project 52 this week as they signify the new maturity and growth I have noticed in my son's behavior this week.  It's appropriate too since Tuesday we registered him to start preschool in the Fall.  Time is going by too fast!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Little Joy from Down Under

Okay so technically I didn't go "Down Under", but these are pictures of my joyful nephew and my gorgeous sister-in-law is a super cool Auzzie with a lovely accent.  You may remember little Joshie as I welcomed him into the world here, at a few weeks old he was my first attempt at newborn photography here, I adored capturing his big brother and sister here (probably still my favorite shoot ever, shhh...don't tell anyone) and I tried to keep up with him as he keeps growing and was at 5 months here.

Five months later, this neglectful Auntie was able to focus her camera on him once again as the kids and I were enjoying some Otter pops and playtime in their backyard.  I hope you'll enjoy meeting Joshie as he's heading toward the big 1 year mark!

There is a picture from Picture People of his older brother at 1 year old standing just like this one, holding onto mom's fingers.  The similarity in their looks is striking I think, but I still see some subtle differences as well:

All three children sucked their two fingers - no thumbs, no pacis, just those two comforting fingers!

Having fun with mom:

Isn't she just gorgeous??!

18/52 - Project 52 {Tongue Lashing}

This tongue action has been the cause of much mother-son conflict this week as his constant licking has caused a red, scaly rash around his mouth.  The allergies this week are killing us and I'm SO thankful I was able to get some pictures of him before this yucky red rash came to be.  I do hope he'll stop soon and let his skin clear up!

This tongue action has also brought some mother-daughter struggles as bubbles have been the entertainment of choice this week and my girl seems to think the bubbles are for licking.  Tonight I found out she thinks the wands are also for digging in the dirt and then eating.  Yeah, it was fun brushing her teeth tonight.  Ha Ha.

Mommy confession:  Both of these pics were NOT planned or scripted, I just noticed them as I was going through my pictures from the week and apparently my kids love to stick their tongues out. :) 

Fabulous Five!

This incredibly sweet, soft-spoken girl recently turned 5 years old.  You may remember she and her brother from his 1st birthday pictures.  Her mother, a good friend of mine, holds a dear place in my heart and I was so glad to be able to capture the delicate beauty that is Miss C.

You may remember seeing a slightly different version of this one here.

We couldn't let Little C feel left out and he was good enough to let me snap a few of him as well.

Happy 5th Birthday Miss C - you are a beautiful shining gift from the Lord!

17/52 - Project 52 {Vacation Highlights}

I thought I should use images actually taken on the date this should have been posted, April 29th.

My two entertainers on stage at Pretend City:

A meal to be savored - celebrating my mom's birthday we went to my old favorite steakhouse and I enjoyed the delectable Baby Back Ribs, Filet Mignon (oh so tender!) and creamy garlic mashed potatoes.  Why can't we have a Lonestar Steakhouse here in Sacramento?  Once every 8 years in NOT enough.

The sunset over Disneyland from our hotel rooftop:

The next two were not actually taken on the 29th, they were taken while we were at Disneyland on the 26th, but they signify my attempts with evening and slow-shutter speed photography and trying to capture motion: