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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Greg, Raeane, Jared + Grant│Sacramento Family Photographer

I am so thankful for the great friends that I have and am especially thankful when their kids love my kids and we're able to have "playdates" for the kiddos that result in another awesome opportunity for the mommies to chat.  This is Raeane.  She's terrific.

We first met when she and a couple of her friends came to preview my college and they stayed the weekend with my roommate and I.  Her two friends ended up coming there for school, but I didn't see Raeane again for about 4 more years when we randomly saw each other at the church we started going to after my husband and I moved back up to Northern California.  It's been fun getting to know she and her husband Greg and to experience our pregnancies only months apart. 

Meet Jared and Grant - boys so full of life and adorable too!

I love capturing siblings!

And I really adore capturing mamas and daddies with their precious ones!

Thank you Raeane and Greg for trusting me with these moments!

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Anonymous said...

No, Thank you!! And such a nice write up! I cherish our friendship too and am so glad the kids have so much fun together!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! ~Raeane =)