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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pioneer Woman Dog Photo Contest

There is a blog I (and thousands of others) follow called The Pioneer Woman.  The blog covers a wide range of topics including my favorite - photography.  Every now and then she has photo contests and this week her contest is for dog photos.  A combination of two of my passions - dogs and photos, I just couldn't resist entering photos of my dogs for posterity sake at the very least.  

Her contests always receive thousands of entries and this one seems to have hit a particular cord with people as I believe the entries have reached in the tens of thousands.  So far it seems her choices are favoring small dogs, but there have been a couple of Dane and Lab pictures as well.  Since my chances of being chosen are extremely slim, I decided Callie and Ben should at least be featured here.  Take a look at the three pictures I submitted, they may not be perfect, but I love them:

I also love these pictures of my pups, but have not submitted them:


I just took this next one of Callie on Wednesday and love it as it captures what they do much of the day!

Thanks for taking a moment to look at my furbabies!


MomBrose said...

Those are awesome! Especially the second one! Oh my word! Give them some kisses right on the bridge of their nose for me. They look so sweet :D

CapturedbyTrisha said...

So stinkin' cute! That last shot is fur baby perfection!

Sandy said...

Mindy - I love the second one. Great job!!

Lisa Smiley said...

love these photos and have so been enjoying the other cute sweeties of the ones she is posting. I love love love the one of callie looking out the window and the super close up of your sweetie. wish i had a dog to photograph! are you still looking,by any chance? i think my MIL is getting one from a shelter tomorrow! woot! my kids will be so thrilled since both grandma's doggies have passed away in the past couple years.

Mindy said...

Thanks ladies - it's fun to focus on the dogs for once and not the kiddos! If it's still going tomorrow I may submit the last window shot just for fun.

Lisa - sadly after having Em I just haven't had time for volunteering at the shelter much at all. It's so hard not being their to love on the doggies that need homes so badly. It'd be awesome if PW did a contest for shelter dogs only.

Ellen said...

I love the second one - gorgeous!!

Alicia said...

I love the second one too! I also like the one of Callie looking out the window :)