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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clickin Moms

Since getting my DSLR camera last Spring I have spent oodles of time scouring the Internet and learning as much as I can about photography, photo editing and graphic design.  Much of that time has been spent participating in online photography forums and Clickin Moms has been the best!


A self-proclaimed, "community of women who have a passion for photography", Clickin Moms actually has plenty of men photographers as well and the entire community has photographers from all skills levels from amateur moms-with-a-camera (MWAC) to professional, amazing photographers.  Each day when I visit Clickin Moms I am left with at least one (if not many) valuable nuggets of information and boatloads of inspiration!

If you haven't checked Clickin Moms out yet, and you have an interest or love of photography, I'd encourage you to do so now.  The lovely folks at Clickin Moms is even offering 10% off your membership using the code: FRIEND for all who sign up before March 31st!  A great deal and an invaluable investment. Check them out by clicking on the icon above!

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