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Thursday, January 21, 2010

3/52 - Project 52

As you may be able to tell, I can't seem to stick to just one photo per week.  Decision making seems to be hard for me for some reason.  Here are a few pictures for this week and I played around with different conversions to them.   I'd love to hear which image and processing is your favorite.

Different photography forums I have been on have put out challenges to do self-portraits.  I am terrible with this and haven't shared any before, but I decided to use some down time in the car the other day to see what I could come up with.  My husband probably thought I was crazy, then again he knows me pretty well, so crazy is sometimes par for the course.

SOOC (straight-out-of-camera):

Converted to B/W:

On my family blog I shared that yesterday was the fifteen year anniversary of when my husband and I began dating.  Here is a picture he snapped of us to commemorate the day:


Conversion #1:

Conversion #2:

My poor Miss Em cried much of yesterday unless she was being held by me.  She had a 103.4 fever and so I enjoyed the day cuddling her as much as I could.  My husband snapped this one of us and I love that he captured our interaction.  There will come a day I know that she won't want these cuddles, but I will be yearning for them.


Converted to B/W:


MomBrose said...

ooooooh, the black and white of you and miss Em is my ABSOLUTE favorite! What a moment to treasure. it actually made me tear up. So precious. I also love the sooc of you in the rear view mirror. So cool!!

Megan said...

I, too, really like the sooc in the car. It draws me right to your pretty eyes :) Congrats on 15 years!

AimeeJ said...

I LOVE the first one..your eyes are beautiful!

The Runner Bunch said...

Happy Anniversary Mindy!!! Love the pictures - the one of you and your husband is adorable and everyone is right - your eyes look very pretty in that first one!

Lisa Smiley said...

Mindy - these are all sooo great! so fun and they are just perfectly revealing of your family...from your beautiful eyes that let Jesus shine through, to your loving relationship with your sweet hubby, to the care and love you have for your children. All of them are great, but I love the artistic shot of your eyes in the rear view mirror! Such a fun shot! I love it. I love it in color the best. All your editing is fun, too, though. Sooo many choices, so little time :)

Mindy said...

Oh you ladies are all so sweet! Thank you for the kind words and thanks Sandy for the anniversary wishes!

Becky Schultz said...

love all the pics! :) you're one pretty lady :)

Kelly Hopkins said...

I love the black & white of you and your hubby. Did you use the time or do you have a remote? Love your pictures.

Mindy said...

Thanks Becky and Kelly! Actually Kelly the pic of my husband and I was taken with him holding his arm out as far as he could (while I was praying he wouldn't drop my camera) and snapping the shot of us. I didn't have a tripod then (I just got a hand-me-down) and unfortunately my camera model doesn't have a remote option. :(