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Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/52 - My New Photography Project

I participate in a few different online photography forums and lately all I've been reading about are 365 Blogs or Blogs that are created for the purpose of challenging you to take a photo and post it everyday.  It's so tempting to me to want to participate in one of these, but I also know my limits and committing to taking and posting a picture everyday for the next 359 days seems overwhelming.  In fact, I'm already 6 days behind so why start now? 

To compromise, I am committing to doing a 52 Week Photography Challenge instead.  For each week of 2010 I will post one photo.  This photo may be highlighting a particular photography technique I'm working on learning, testing out a new lens (if/when I happen to get one of these), exploring creative post processing and editing, or just a subject I love.  Rather than creating a separate blog for this challenge, as many 365 and 52 challenge takers do, I will post these pictures here on my photography blog along with continuing to post any other photos that seem most appropriate here rather than my family blog.  Feel free to comment and let me know what you like/dislike about my photos - I'm excited for this journey and can't wait to see what I have learned at the end of this year.

My photo(s) for this week are of my sweet first son, my Gentle Ben.  This boy has always showered us (me especially) with such love and affection and tonight he just doesn't seem right.  He's been shivering off and on, laying down the WHOLE day (definitely not like this playful guy) and seems to be having pain with his back legs/section.  I will admit I am worried and hope we haven't made a mistake not rushing him to the vet this evening.  He DID eat his dinner, he has gone to the bathroom and I even checked his temp and it was normal.  I know I must sound absurd for worrying so much over, ahem, a dog, but I love this dog and this is just so unlike him. 

Totally going against the purpose of this 52 Week Challenge - Project 52, these photos are from recent months and not taken this week.  If I were to have taken a picture of him today it would just be of him curled up in a quite spot (our back bedroom when the kids are awake) or lying on the floor at my feet (where he is now and anytime I'm on the computer).  I include these pictures today because it is what is on my heart at the moment - plus I haven't taken my camera out much yet in 2010 so I'll get working on that tomorrow so I'll have something fresh and current for next week!  Praying Ben is better in the morning and we don't have to take out a loan for vet bills.  Goodnight! 

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MomBrose said...

Great idea! I try to blog once a week at least so that picture a week doesn't feel so overwhelming. I too had furry babies first :D Cali and Sophie.