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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family of Five│Sacramento Family Photographer

Photographing this family sure made me feel old!  The oldest two children were our flower girl and ring bearer at our wedding and the youngest had just been born...10 years ago!  I can't believe time has flown so fast, but all kidding aside, the {L Family} holds a very special place in the hearts of my husband and I.  In fact, my husband actually lived with them for a couple of months while working at a job near their home the summer we were engaged and Dominick gave a touching testimony at my in-laws' recent 40th anniversary party we hosted.  

They are an all-around amazing family and I was so blessed to photograph them!  I've held back some of their family shots they may want to use for their Christmas card, but I hope you'll enjoy meeting Dominick and Julie and their three fantastic children.

I saw a picture once of Julie at a Keith Green concert in the '70s and her daughter looks EXACTLY like her!  Love those gorgeous big eyes!

I know Julie likes black and whites so I really had fun converting many images and have found for most I love the black and white versions best!

Thanks again Julie and Dom - love you guys!



Lisa Smiley said...

lovely lovely lovely! great job, mindy. such fun, candid and beautiful shots!

Jennifer said...

ok, i dont remember them in your wedding and i was in it! i think i am getting old and senile!